Building Interactive Maps with Leaflet

Leaflet is a JavaScript library dedicated to building light-weight and mobile-friendly interactive maps. Online apps such as Google’s My Maps or Knightlab’s StoryMapJS  provide easy and accessible avenues to build your own map online, but each has their limitations. One important limitation which these – and other – apps present for historians is not allowing users to insert a historical map as a layer. Indeed, the desire to produce a user-friendly mapping service means that there are a lot of limitations to what can be done in these apps.

Creating maps with Leaflet opens up a world of possibilities to style your maps but, as is always the case, this wealth of possibilities correlates with a steeper learning curve. These tutorials will cover the basics of building maps with Leaflet.

Tutorial 1 – Creating an HTML file, Formatting in CSS, and Adding a BaseMap

Tutorial 2 – Adding Markers, Lines, Circles and Pop-ups

Tutorial 3 – Adding Archival Maps

Tutorial 4 – Layer Groups and Controls